Welcoming—and Seeking—REMUS Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)

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Krishna K. Gupta | November 18, 2021

At REMUS, we build—we don’t bet. That starts from the earliest days of a founder’s journey, so today we are announcing the launch of the REMUS Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program. The founders of Matta and Ozone will join us immediately, out of MIT and Cambridge, respectively.

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with entrepreneurs from their companies’ inceptions and helped them establish future-proof foundations upon which to build. This foundation-building includes identifying a company’s first product and customers, sizing the market, negotiating the first pilots and expansions, hiring the first employees, and raising the first rounds.

We’ve been contrarian and aligned with rebellious visionaries to help reshape massive, longstanding industries. We were the first money in category-leading companies including Allurion, Beamable, ClassPass (recently acquired by MindBody), Cogito, EquipmentShare, Ginger (recently merged with Headspace), and Presto (recently announced plans to go public via SPAC). Several of those companies’ founders, including Presto’s Raj Suri and Ginger’s Anmol Madan, were effectively EIRs with us.

With our EIR program, we’re doubling-down on our investment in early-stage entrepreneurs, as we believe the next decade will provide fertile ground for company creation. As part of this program, we’re offering office space; an optional investment; and plentiful opportunities for entrepreneurs to engage with our team, learn how VCs make investments, and gain valuable guidance as they begin building their companies. Two of our earliest entrepreneurs – Anmol Madan (Ginger) and Jon Radoff (Beamable) – will help advise founders pursuing opportunities in healthcare and the metaverse, respectively.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for EIRs in each of our offices in Boston, San Francisco, and London. We’d love to find entrepreneurs exploring companies that align with our key themes of interest—i.e., vertical technology and deep technology companies—but are open to working with any bright, technical, execution-driven founders looking to define some elements of the next decade.

While most EIRs will already have a pre-determined interest in a specific sector, we will also bring on EIRs who are excited about our particular areas of interest. Some of these areas include:

  • AI-driven vertical healthcare platforms
  • Voice and video in the enterprise
  • Derivatives of the metaverse
  • Services for the mobile millennial

Welcoming Our First EIR Teams

We’re delighted to welcome our first two EIRs, who will be joining us in our London and Boston offices, respectively:

  • Douglas Brion, founder of Matta, will join us in our London office as an EIR in the advanced manufacturing industry. Doug, who is finishing his PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge in the UK, is excited about building software that would allow operators in the 3D printing industry to make better decisions.

  • Max von Wolff, founder of Ozone, will join us in our Boston office as an EIR in consumer video. Max is dropping out of MIT to pursue this business and is passionate about the next generation of video editing.

Who’s Next?

We’re actively adding EIRs to our team.  If you’re passionate about the opportunity to partner with us to build the foundations of an enduring, transformational technology business over the next decade, click here to learn more about and apply to the program. We’re excited to build with you.

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