We're looking for the rebels.

We Invest In

The underdogs. The contrarians. The resilient. We want to write the untold stories that rewire prevailing ways of thinking and doing.

We’re a VC firm that helps build, not bet on, companies transforming massive industries. We started from an MIT dorm room during the Great Recession and spent the last decade helping build industry-leading companies, often bringing them their biggest, million-dollar customers.

Everyone told us we were crazy when we got started. Now we have offices in Boston, San Francisco, and London.

We like defying the crowd, following our instincts, and proving them wrong. We love if you do too.

We admire people who think really big. Those who want to craft legendary, contrarian companies worth $5B or more. Those who have an irrational belief in your vision. We are very patient and have both youth and experience on our side, and we are hungry to build.

We Invest In...

We lead Seed, Series A, and early Series B rounds. We prefer B2B companies tackling large traditional industries and/or commercializing research from top-tier groups. We are generalist, but themes that excite us include:

  • human-machine convergence (augmentation and automation)
  • consumer-enterprise interface (digitalization of the consumer experience)
  • enterprise agility (‘real-time’ actionable insights from novel data sources)
  • new industrial revolution (use of sensors and software in industry)
  • security of all data (more digitalization, more security problems)
  • software eating healthcare (making delivery more accurate, efficient, efficacious)
  • generation Z (the future)