Stash Pomichter


Stash is on the investing team at REMUS. He focuses on early-stage investments in B2B software with a special focus on science-enabled companies. He also runs the Campus Fund and Campus Associate programs.

Prior to joining Remus, Stash built his experience as an operator and technologist for over 3 years as CTO of a seed-stage genomics company enabling physicians to make data-driven healthcare decisions. There, he built the technical infrastructure and scaled the company to $3M in revenue. He also spent 3 years as a Co-Founder at Elix Incubator, a social impact incubator for student founders, where he partnered with a network of investors and mentors including the 1517 Fund (a Peter Thiel-backed VC firm) to support 21 portfolio companies.

While an undergraduate at MIT, Stash was a researcher in the MIT Organic and Nanostructured Electronics laboratory, where he built next-generation solar cell technology in the Tata-MIT GridEdge Solar program. While pursuing dual BS degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Finance, Stash dropped out of MIT to join REMUS.

What inspires you?

Uncertainty. I’ve enjoyed chasing new frontiers of innovation as both a builder and an investor.

What would you tell an inspiring entrepreneur?

Be hungry. Impose your will and vision on the world, even if the world might not be ready.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Embrace discomfort. Learn how to thrive and perform in uncomfortable environments. From college athletics, to building companies, and even in the board room, this mentality has served me well.

What’s something few people know about you?

I’ve been an avid deep-sea diver since age 10!