Scott Montgomerie

Founder, Scope AR

Scott Montgomerie is the co-founder and CEO of Scope AR, a company specializing in using augmented reality to solve some of industry’s toughest problems.

Since co-founding Scope AR in 2011 Scott has been one of the first executives to get augmented reality (AR) tools in use by multi-billion-dollar corporations. Through envisioning and developing some of the most transformative enterprise AR technology on the market, Scott and his team have simplified adoption and deployment of AR across numerous industries, addressing complex challenges experienced by Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Unilever, and Prince Castle, among others.

Having launched many AR firsts, Scott has become one of AR’s thought leaders and visionaries for the space. He has shared his knowledge and spoken about some of the most innovative uses of AR at several of the industry’s top conferences, including AWE (US and Europe), Unity Vision AR/VR Summit, Virtual Reality Strategy Conference and VRDC.

Prior to founding Scope AR, Scott was the VP of Engineering at Xfire, Inc., which developed an in-game communications platform for the e-sports community. Before that, Scott launched his first company, Zigtag Inc. (later renamed Semanti Corp.) which was focused on building smart social search solutions to help consumers efficiently find, retrieve, and share personally relevant information on the web. In addition to more than 15 years of consumer software experience, Scott is also a full-stack developer,

ranging in everything from iPhone games to Ruby-on-Rails corporate tools.

Scott graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing Science and is a published researcher in the field of Bioinformatics. He is a Canadian transplant currently living in San Francisco.