Dan Greenfield

Founder, PetaGene

Dan Greenfield is the co-founder and CEO of PetaGene. A Cambridge University PhD with a Masters in Bioinformatics, Dan has experience leading teams in Silicon Valley to build groundbreaking new products. Dan has led efforts for numerous innovations and award-winning software, including winning Best of Show for PetaGene’s advanced genomics compression software PetaSuite at BioIT World in 2016 and again in 2018 for simplifying cloud migration, and in 2019 for security and compliance innovations. He has designed the world’s first floating-point frame-buffer/blender for GPUs, and he architected and designed SIMD Media Processors, as well as Gigabit IPSec and TCP/IP stacks (this startup subsequently acquired by nVidia).

Dan’s PhD dissertation made important contributions spanning computer architecture, network organization, and the human brain. It won the 2011 BCS Distinguished Dissertation Prize, the top PhD dissertation for Computer Science in the UK. He is the recipient of various other awards and scholarships, including the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, and has led teams to win multiple software competitions.

Dan earned his MSc in Bioinformatics/Systems Biology from the University of New South Wales and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.