Cavin Mozarmi

Principal, Coleading AI Investing

Cavin is a Principal at REMUS Capital where he leads AI investing. He serves as a business partner to many early-stage technical founders, having sourced and led over 20 investments representing over half of the total deployed capital from the current fund.

Cavin joined REMUS after dropping out of grad school in AI at MIT, where he was a TA in the computer science department as well as an ML researcher at CSAIL. Prior to that, Cavin was at a Venrock-backed Series B startup where he built software with the CTO to scale the backend platform. The startup was later acquired for $3B.

Cavin graduated from MIT with a BS in Computer Science. During his time at MIT, Cavin coded for several early-stage startups in Cambridge and conducted research at the MIT Media Lab.

What inspires you?

The inevitable and accelerating progression of technology.

What would you tell an aspiring entrepreneur?

Listening and being honest with yourself are two of the hardest skills to do well.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Your habits should reflect your goals.