REMUS Welcomes Social Media Star Josh Richards as Venture Partner

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REMUS Team | December 8, 2020

Social Media Superstar Joins Next-Gen VC Firm to Explore Consumer Opportunities

LOS ANGELES, December 8, 2020 — REMUS, an early-stage venture capital that helps build, not bet on, companies transforming massive industries, announced today that social media superstar Josh Richards will join the firm as Venture Partner. The firm is excited to renew its longstanding interest in consumer technology opportunities, with a particular focus on the retail, health, and financial habits of the next-generation consumer.

One of the top-five highest-grossing content creators on the TikTok platform, Josh has an innate understanding of the Gen-Z consumer and a budding entrepreneurial passion. He co-founded TalentX, one of the industry’s largest social media monetization and talent development companies, and its associated record label; launched Ani Energy, his own energy drink brand; and serves as CSO of Triller, a TikTok competitor. His youthful energy and entrepreneurial audacity mirror the founding values of the REMUS brand.

“In some ways, I see parallels in Josh’s journey and my own,” says REMUS founder and CEO Krishna K. Gupta. “I started the firm when I was 20, and Josh is 18. He is hungry, and what he has already accomplished far outstrips where I was at 18. I can’t wait to work together on some of the big, lasting consumer tech companies of the next generation and help mentor him as a nascent investor and businessman. It is a great learning opportunity for us all, and we now have a presence in Los Angeles!”

For over a decade, REMUS has invested in some of the world’s most innovative technology and science-backed companies. As the world undergoes a generational and societal shift, the firm is keen to identify some of the trends that will define the consumer journey over the next decade.

“It’s clear from our conversations with Josh that he has aspirations to grow far beyond TikTok. I see this partnership as the first step of many as we build impactful companies together,” says REMUS investor Stash Pomichter, a fellow Gen Z-er who dropped out of MIT to join the firm.

“One of the reasons I became an entrepreneur and investor is to actively shape the future,” said Richards. “I am excited to join the REMUS Capital team, a firm that represents my core values of unequivocally helping young founders achieve their dreams. Let’s get to work!

“It may not appear like it from the outside, but Krishna and I both have a lot of common factors on our journeys. At a young age, we both took risks to pursue something greater than ourselves. There are others, but that common denominator alone is why I am extremely excited to be working with him and REMUS. He gets it!”

REMUS plans to take a long-term view to this partnership, as Josh evolves his brand and position in the industry not just as a social media influencer, but also as a young leader helping to forge and accelerate the next big ideas for consumers.


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