Launching the REMUS Capital Campus Fund & Recruiting Campus Fellows

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Stash Pomichter | September 3, 2020

We founded REMUS with the goal of enabling and supporting young, scrappy founders. We ourselves were founded out of a college dorm room, and we value the relationships we’ve built over the years with top-tier research institutions, such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge, and others. These relationships have been built in part through our longstanding Campus Associates program. Founded in 2009, this first-of-its-kind program gave PhD and undergraduate students the unique opportunity to join our core investment team and dive into early-stage technology investing.

The Campus Fund

Today, we announce the next step in our journey of supporting top talent at institutions across North America and Europe with the launch of the REMUS Campus Fund. This fund will enable our campus investment team to allocate capital into young, pre-seed stage founders whose nascent companies are tackling bold new ideas that will define the largest industries over the next decade. It will exist as a part of our early stage fund but will have its own management structure.

Our goal with this initiative is simple: to support sharp technical founders that we can bring into the REMUS family. We see this fund as an opportunity to get our hands dirty with a promising new generation of founders and build a lasting relationship with them.

The Campus Investment Team

The campus fund would not be possible without our all-star team of campus fellows. It’s a highly selective program: we will only bring 2–3 students at top research universities on board. As a part of the REMUS campus investment team, fellows will be personally mentored by our team to identify promising startups across the world and investigate if companies are worthy of multi-million dollar investment. Fellows will represent the firm’s interests in their regions and will receive our full support in working on any projects they deem beneficial for the firm and, more importantly, for their own personal development. Excitingly, the launch of the new campus fund gives our campus fellows the unique opportunity to lead deals and allocate capital.

The relationship will span far beyond your academic years. REMUS fellowship alumni have been well positioned to start companies and land positions across venture capital, technology, investment banking, and consulting.

Our goal is to continue supporting the institutions on which we’ve built our foundation while building massive, enduring value with the next generation of founders. If this vision resonates with you, apply below.

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