Black Entrepreneur in Residence

REMUS is an early-stage venture capital firm that helps build companies enabling digital transformation and commercializing research breakthroughs. We’re focused on building, not betting on, contrarian companies that are transforming industries.

We have decided to begin a new program incubating a Black American founder as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at our firm.

As part of this program, we will commit to:

  • Invest $50K on an uncapped SAFE note with a 20% discount to the next round
  • Provide office space in Boston once we return to offices
  • Invite the EIR to attend our team’s weekly investment meetings, where s/he can gain unique insights into the workings of a VC fund

If you are a Black founder (first time or repeat), we would love to see the following attributes:

  • Engineer/technologist (ideally)
  • Interested in building a massive technology-driven (ideally B2B) business in a multi-billion-dollar industry
  • Should not have raised any capital yet beyond an angel round (if at all)
  • Have chip on the shoulder ambition to take advantage of accelerated tech innovation and adoption in the coming decade
  • Collaborative leader who wants to work with our family
  • Can be based anywhere in the US, although ideally willing to move to Boston once the world opens up

If this sounds like you, please consider applying via this form. We are open-minded in pursuit of finding the right fit.